This Love is Frever by Mavis Prall Cohen – Book Review

by Jacqui on July 17, 2013

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Divorce at any age is hard n a child.  Even as adult children.  However, can you imagine how a younger child feels?  They don’t know how to express their feelings.  They don’t know what questions to ask.  And worst of all? They feel that it is THEIR fault.  When my daughter asked, “Why are you and Daddy not living together anymore?  Is it because of me?”  My statement to her was, “Mommy and Daddy didn’t play nicely together anymore, so, we couldn’t live together anymore.”  For a three year old?  That is sufficient.

You and the other parent have to co-parent and reassure your child(ren) at every turn, that, even though you and their other parent are no longer together, you and the other parent will ALWAYS be there for them.  You divorced each other, but, you did not divorce the child.  I think Mavis Prall Cohen captured this sentiment beautifully in her book, This Love is Forever.  It was written by her, for her daughter, after their divorce.  And she wanted to share this with other children who are facing the same inquiries.  This book was also illustrated by Mavis’ daughter, Lizzie.  While the book is great, my favorite line is: “They made me from the love they once shared. That love has changed – but I know they still care.”

I’ve read this book and it is a great short read that is the perfect level for your younger child who may need a more word friendly and image friendly to help associate the good in a world gone mad!

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Disclaimer: I received a signed copy of this book and am being compensated for this partnered post.  However, as always, all opinions and text are my own.

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