Hey Mom! How Gullable are You? Funnies

by Jacqui on October 27, 2012

My daughter is crazy.  Crazy I tell ya!

1 – I’ll be down in a minute!  Two hours later…  I’ll be down in a minute!
2 – But.  But.  All the other kids are doing it!  (insert my mom’s voice, “If they jumped off a bridge, would you?”
3 – No, it’s not too late!  I can have that candy now and go to bed, no problem.  (says the child 3 hours earlier.)
4 – Let’s have a competition!  Let’s see who can stay up the latest! (says the chickie tonight.  I’m thinking she doesn’t want to go to bed in 1/2 hour, lol)
5 – I promise!  This is what I am wearing tomorrow!  (Next day, 20 outfits later…)
6 – This is my half, here is your half!  (Ummmm.  Is that how this is supposed to work??)

I know there are many more things that I just can’t remember right now!  What is the funny stuff your kiddo’s try to get away with?

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