3 Ways to Save Money Each Month

by Jacqui on February 2, 2013

I am on a mission.  I am looking to save money, when and where I can.  Not only because as a single parent, I only have my income, but, since I was laid off last year, and found another job, I’ve taken a huge pay cut.  So, I am really being more conscientious about where my money goes!  Here are some tips:

Cut the cord: You heard me.  Make the break from cable.  The cable companies get SO much of our money.  I’m with Comcast Cable and just found out today that my bill with them jumped up $50 a month.  It is cheaper to get their Triple Play, Cable/Internet/Phone.  First, I do NOT need a land line.  My cell has unlimited minutes and my daughter has her phone.  So, why do I want to pay for something I do not need?  And, as for cable?  Well, heck, you can watch pretty much everything online anymore.  So, I made the decision to cut the cord.  I told them to cancel my cable and lowered my bill by $70 per month.  Get Netflix.  Connect in with your gaming console, or watch on your computer.

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Family Plan it!: Cellphone companies offer family plans.  Get family members to join in on a plan with you.  You will then share the base amount.  For my portion of the cellphone, I only pay $55 a month with a smartphone.
Joint Grocery Shopping – BJ’s and Costco are great places to go for good values on bulk items.  But, the downside is, the bulk items!  So, go shopping with a friend and split the cost.

These are simple tips that will help you save some money each month.

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