2013, Are You Ready for Me?

by Jacqui on January 1, 2013

I hope so!  I am so ready for 2013.  Has to be much better than 2012!

The worst thing that happened was, I got laid off from my job in March.  I went 7 1/2 months without a job.  I will admit, the first three months, I really didn’t look for a job as I was hoping to start my own business, and I wouldn’t have to really start looking.  Then when reality came and slapped me in the face, I realized, ummm, yeah, you best get on the horn and get yourself a job!  I sent out upwards of 30 resumes a week.  I was sending them out for everything!  I had 3 interviews that entire time.  Yes, 3 interviews in 4 1/2 months.  But, the 3rd time was a charm!  I was offered a job and started mid-October.  Woohoo!  I actually love the job and the people I work with.  It’s in Customer Service, kinda, but, not the kind I was used to.  I actually enjoy this one!  It is making less money than I was making at my old job, but, more than I was making on unemployment!

So, why am I looking forward to 2013?  I am an optimist.  I believe there is something good coming around every corner.  I am looking for ways to supplement my current income and am really just hoping for the best.  I am looking forward to more quality time with my daughter.  I hope to lose the weight I really need to lose.  I also hope to find love.  I miss that companionship you have with that S.O. in your life.  I also want to spend more quality time enjoying life in general.  Due to financial restraints, I haven’t made the time to go out with friends, like I really want to.  Even if I have friends over for snacks/movie/game night.  I am realizing, I miss and need that interaction.  Being a social person like I am, it’s killing me.  One final thing?  Getting my house decluttered!  OMG, I still have so much stuff, it’s ridiculous.  I had a pile of things next to my desk that I had not touched in THREE years.  Yep, I didn’t even look.  Dumped them right into the trash.  That’s a good start, right???

What are you hoping to accomplish this year?

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