I am currently in the process of getting my business started in working with clients as a Personal Assistant. As with my potential clients, I look for ways to make my own life easier. This past month, I was sent some great products to review from . They sent me Pilot Pens that were great to write with (yes, my daughter stole some of the pens from me) and wonderful for the environment. They are the B2P (Bottles to Pens) line. Here is some information regarding this line:

pilot pen b2p

Product Details

Pilot B2P Gel Rolling Ball
Roller ball pen features vibrant G2 Gel ink for smooth, effortless writing.
Fine point durable tip provides pinpoint lines and precision.
Pen Style: Retractable Ink Colors: Purple Pen Type: Roller Ball Point Size: 0.

They also sent the B2P Colors Pens. I love these because I am now able to color code clients with their needs:

b2p pilot pen group

And for those pesky mistakes? They have these awesome pens that you can erase your mistakes.

frixion clicker

Writes smooth, erases clean for a “mistake-free” writing experience.
Ideal for the business professional perfect for making drafts, edits, lists and notes.
Vibrant, erasable FriXion gel ink – now retractable, with clip-action retraction and pen top eraser.

frixion highlighter

Sold in packs of 12
Erasable highlighter features thermo-sensitive ink formula that disappears with erasing friction.
Bright, vibrant colors won’t damage books or documents.
Highlight and erase repeatedly without smudging or tearing paper.

As soon as I received the Smead Step Index Organizer, I put it right to use. Not only for business, but, for personal as well. I may have only one child, but, there is a lot that you have to worry about!

smead step organizer

These fun colorful Heavyweight Vertical Files are great to keep papers separated and organized, also by category.

Heavyweight Vertical File Folders

Smead Organized Up Heavyweight Vertical File Folder

Organized Up Vertical File Folders let you file and organize your documents in an upright position – like you print and read them.
These super durable, heavyweight water-resistant files withstand extensive use.
Perfect for desktops, backpacks and drawers.

I’ve gotten a lot of use out of these pens and organizers. My daughter has also used these for school and her own personal use with her blogging and other social media ventures. I would highly recommend these easy and relatively low cost items to help get your office and self organized.

Disclosure: I’ve received these products from shoplet.com to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



Hello and welcome! You are now started on your way to the wonderful world of buying on eBay. There are many, many, many, many things to choose from. You think of it, I’m pretty darned sure you’re going to find it. Scary as that may seem.

So, what do you do? Well, first, you’re going to sign up for an account. Easy enough, right? When signing up, you’re going to select your UserName, include your address and connect your PayPal account to your eBay account. It’s really that easy. Promise!

You’re now hooked up. You want to go shopping. Start searching for items you are interested in buying. When doing this, you only need keywords. Or, if you want to purchase a Thomas Kinkade Mantle Clock. Those are the four words you are going to type in. You find the clock, and you absolutely adore it! You must have it and you must have it now! But, the listing is an auction. What is the difference? Well, an auction is a listing that runs to the end of the timeframe it’s listed for. This can be three, five, seven, 10 or 30 days. Then, there are the Buy It Now (BIN) listings. Those are listings that have a set amount that the seller is willing to sell the item for. If they have this option, you will be able to buy it right then.

With the auction listing your found, you want it! So, you will wait it out. You click on the link to bid on that item. You want to keep watch on that item. eBay will send emails to you to let you know if you’ve been outbid. If you put in the maximum you were willing to spend, I personally do not recommend you going higher than that. You put that amount for a reason. And a bidding war? While exciting, can hit your wallet pretty hard! So, be careful! Know your maximum and stick to it!

So, for arguments sake, the auction ends and you won the bid! Yaayyy! Congrats on your first win! Now what? Well, when you get that email from eBay, (If you aren’t stalking the listing down to the last second), click the link to go pay for your item. You want to build up your feedback to show sellers and eBay that you are a respectable buyer. You are good on your promise to buy and item. Afterall, the sellers? For hundreds of thousands, this is actually their business. When their item is bid on, they are counting on those funds to be sent to them by the person who bid on their item. For new buyers, sellers are a little hesitant. This is because, the new buyer is playing around on their brand new account and they bid on the items. Then, they don’t pay. Sellers have to wait X amount of days before they can open a case on the buyer for non-payment.

What is a non-payment case? This is an action that the sellers have to let eBay know that you are not a good buyer. Sellers at times, set their settings so that any buyer with two non payment cases opened against them cannot bid on their items. This is to protect themselves from buyers who just scroll through and what seems to be randomly bidding on items and never pay. You do not want to be this buyer. I promise you! Sellers have forums and they talk. They have no qualms providing your user name to other sellers to block you from seeing their items. I’ve had to open two nonpaying cases in less than two weeks. I have one item that someone bid and so far? Has not paid. It’s buyers like this that is going to make me start putting that my buyers must have a certain amount of feedback or I will cancel their bids. I really don’t want to go that route because I understand that everyone has to start somewhere! But, three in three weeks? Not a trend I want to keep up. I count on those sales to pay my bills. So, it may be needed to protect myself.

However, I have faith! You are not that buyer! :) So, you pay for your item and the seller ships it to you. There are going to be a few reactions to this. You absolutely love the item. Perfect description, it’s just want you wanted. No action necessary. Second Reaction, you are kind of on the fence. This item is a little off from the description. But, it’s not that much different that you hate it. You may grow to love it. Third reaction. YOU HATE IT. It was nothing like the description. Or, it smells like smoke and the seller didn’t list it as coming from a smoking household. This last reaction? You can reach out to the seller and let you know that you received the item, but, it smells like smoke. You did not want something with that smell on it. A huge majority of sellers will respond with, “I’m sorry! No worries, I’ll refund you!” Depending on the cost of the item. If it is a higher cost item, they will most likely have you send the item back to them. Shipping costs will be provided by the seller as the item was NAD, (Not As Described). If you changed your mind after receiving the item, you can contact the seller, but, find out their return policy. They are not required to accept your return if its or any reason other than Not As Described. Some sellers have a restocking fee and the buyer is responsible for all shipping costs.

I hope this helps you in becoming the best eBayer you can be! Be it a Buyer or a Seller. Yes, it’s a two way street! Wait until Part two when I go over becoming a Seller!

Enjoy and happy bidding!


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